Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, same old me. Issit?

Morning lovely people in Singapura.
must be wondering why the hell I'm up at this hour.
Yes at 8+ in the morning. Problem is, i cant go back to sleep after morning jog. Fully awake right now now now. So today will be the last day of 2010.
2010 is a memorable year for me as I've met a whole lots of new friends. And i met this cute girl name Felicia Yap. (:

My Shrekies&Co. and my TekongBoyz. Definitely worth knowing them and I'll never ever will forget them. Especially my Shrekies. After graduation, they are the ones who accompany me for my ups and downs. The laughters,gossips at work is an everyday routine. So much for me being a casual part-timer, but I work like a full-timer. Hahaha! Even my manager said that to me. Reason being he cant transfer me to Full-timer cos I'm still waiting for my NS letter to come. But nevermind, I really enjoyed there. Had a farewell party at wavehouse. well just a mini gathering-lepak session with them. Love Shrekies loads.

Now new chapter coming up. NS life. The journey from Jurong all the way to SAF Changi ferry terminal is no joke i tell you. Those who have gone to Tekong will know how i feel. Training gets tougher and tougher. Its both physical and mentally challenging. Die die also have to endure. Those who cannot take it, go chao keng, or what i called them Calvin Klein. haha.

So yesterday was Nurulhuda's birthday. Kekasih lama~
Went out to meet TekongBoyz for movie and go lepak at Haji lane. THEY VERY THE KECOH.
Well surprise-surprise, saw NHuda at there too. (: I just shouted Happy Birthday across the street and everyone was like staring at me. haha. But its worth it. (:

So 2011. What you have in stores for me?
My new year resolution? well that's a secret i'll never tell. xoxo, Hisham Hamid.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

1 month.

After 1 month. I loose a lot.
My voice, My Mocha-skin color and my weight.

and i see, a lot of changes too. The people around me. sigh.

Oh well. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm doing a good deed for Singapore.

Hello Tekong. (:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Till we meet again.

For the past 7 months after I've graduate from NP, this workplace have been part of my life. I've spend most of my time here, with all the awesome workmates. From the bottom of my heart, I've never regret knowing them. its like i've known them for how many years already. Quite sad to leave the Shrek family. Screw you National Service. But nevertheless, we can still meet ups.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Hi people. Like what I've said on the previous post, I'll update tonight.
So the whole month of october is really an awesome one. Its a month not to forget.
All thanks to the really awesome USS crews of Zone 3. You guys rocks la. Seriously.
Above pic is taken during Hari Raya Outing. Well I'm the only Shrekies. Hehe. Nevertheless, we're still in Zone 3 family. You girls really look nice in baju kurung. (Y)
Next was Halloween event at Night Safari. It was my virgin trip to night safari. and the last time i went to zoo was like when I'm primary 1.woo. The whole trip not scary cos i knew it was a human and also because me and Bryan were like standing behind the girls. Only the girls scream. hahahaha!!! But the company that matters. (:
We went to Sunset Grill at Seletar. Kinda lost our way cos its freaking ulu and furthermore its night time. Ate chicken wing from different level. Level 1,2,4,6,10 and lastly 30! At level 6 u can see that ur lips getting swollen. hair starts to itch and throat slightly burn. Level 10,body temperature rise up, mouth numb, throat burning sensation and all were sweating like a pig. so what happens at level 30, instant killer. But somewhow, all those involve in the above picture, ate lvl 30. Heroes and heroins. Thumbs up for us! BUT... the after effect is beyond imagination.
Everything that comes out sure burnt. HAHAhA!!!
On the 27th Oct, USS have a preview of Halloween event called A night in the Netherworld. Its nice because its free, but not worth it if you have to pay $28. Its more like clubbing. This date, 27th October, I wont forget. NTF in the morning, not-so-great-halloween, and confession of an ogre. Really not my day.

And last but not list. The best of all, SPOOKTACULAR at Sentosa! Really an awesome night with the SHREKIES!!!! It really scares the hell out of me. Yes, me. Thumbs up to those who organised this event. The atmosphere, suspense and the ghost. Good jobs guys. After that went to supper at Spize (river valley rd).
Really enjoyed my last month with my Shrekies around. I'll be damn sad to leave USS. And will miss out the companies and great kakis. Khairul, AhLeoi, Jacky,Bryan,Cristal,Taz, Afiqah, JQ and many more. BOOHOOHOO!!!!! But I'll miss you even more Bestgirlfriend! (:

I've already said what i want to say. And i respect your decision. Bestfriend is good enough for me.(: Thanks Fel.